November 9, 2008

ePaper / eBook vision video

Original Post from September 18th 2007.

Find here a nine minute vision video on the future of ePrint / eBooks that I found enjoyable and very well done. It's is nine minutes long and in French. But you don't have to know French to enjoy it. BTW: "Telecharger" means "download" :-)

Remember to hit play, it doesn't auto-start!

I think they have got quite a few things right in it, such as the physical browsing of a bookstore for books, and the mixture of paper and electronic materials.

eGuide Book
The eBook travel guide example is an interesting one for me. I see it as a development of the Sony PSP-based Passport travel guides that are becoming available, for example here.
I am not sure why they are so expensive in the US ($40) versus the UK (7pounds)....I don't see them on Amazon US store so maybe it's just the difference in retailers.

My brother-in-law had one of these for a visit to Amsterdam. It mixed photos, text, maps, sound and video extremely well (although the maps could have been done better I recall).
The Sony PSP screen is great, and although LCD, it is readable outdoors. It just lacked the built-in GPS to help navigate your way around tourist routes, and to find places (e.g. Restaurants) based on where you currently are.
But you could do that with the Sony Go!Explore device

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