November 10, 2008


Original Post from December 19th 2007.

Today I discovered FeedBooks, which is another web for public domain books - but they seem to have done a very nice job of the UI, and they have an open API for accessing it remotely with applications, webs or widgets and have some great content.

This came about due to this article on the TeleRead blog, which since it's short I reproduce here:

" We’ve added a few things recently, that makes it very easy for Kindle and iLiad users to download content directly for their devices.

Kindle. While we’re working on a full mobile website for this device, we created a download guide for it. Basically, you just need to add this file on your device, and then you can easily flip through pages, or search for a keyword in order to find a book you’d like to download. Click on the link and that’s it—the book is on your device. It’s a bit like a library access on your Kindle. Check the MobileRead topic.

iLiad, we’ve just released the first test version of our application: iNewsStand: It’s purely for testing purposes for the moment but it works very well already. Through this application, you can easily download feeds or books on your iLiad.

Meanwhile here’s a video on YouTube; we’ll do a real demo once we’re past the first testing phases."

So, apart from the web and content they are putting up they are actively creating applications and interfaces for other eReader devices to access the content and download it in an easy to use and seemless way, effectively bring the service integrations for free content to the levels of that seen for payed services like the Kindle.

I couldn't find any foreign language books on the Feedbooks site, but maybe just need to look more...

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