November 11, 2008

Oone-Laptop-Per-Child Rev 2.0

Original Post May 21st 2008.

Following on from the previous Samsung (OLED) post with a "hard" keyboard, here comes the latest thinking from Negroponte at OLPC for their Rev 2.0 laptop, which has a similar keyboard idea.

Gizmodo post here.
It's a dual-touch-display form factor that can be used in three main modes:-

  • notebook, with one touch screen acting as a (hard) keyboard
  • dual-screen eReader (my favorite configuration)
  • dual-screen flat device for gaming etc. This is along the lines of a pet idea of mine for a flat, touch sensitive (and device/game-piece detecting) gaming board

Book Mode:

Game-tablet mode:

The designer of the original OLPC display (Mary Lou Jepsen) is creating her own company (Pixel Qi) around that work, and other and follow-on ideas.

Among other details, this will make localization of the keyboard easy, but I still don't fancy much typing on hard glass. Roll-on any work on deformable input surfaces, haptic feedback, etc.
Keyboard size seems more suited to kids, rather than us sausage fingered techies...

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