November 10, 2008

SeikoEpson ePaper prototypes

Original Post from December 20th 2007.

Here is some information on SeikoEpson developments in the ePaper area:

They showcased a B6 ePaper display at an exhibition called 'Embedded Technology 2007' held at Yokohama in November.
Their flexible & rigid EPDs is still under development and not yet commercialized.
The detailed specification for external customers is not available yet, nor is the sample timing or MP timing yet determined.

They describe a 3mm thick eInk (presumed) device prototype, with a 4"x5.36" (my calculations) 6.7" diagonal display of 1600x1200 pixels at 300dpi.

I'd like to see this display, as with 300dpi the quality must be great for monochrome content.
This could make A4 documents shrunk to that size readable, something the Sony PRS can't do and that is only possible on some documents with the 8" iRex Illiad.

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