November 11, 2008

Times and Financial Times get on the Kindle bandwagon

Original Post from August 22nd 2008.

Paid Contant (post here) reports that the Times and Financial Times are both new additions to Kindle's growing list of newspapers, despite the Kindle not being available (orhaving the wireless delivery service/infrastructure even if you sneaked it in) in the UK.

So, for now ex-Pats and US residence seeking samples of the Queen's English can do so electronically - although "The Independant" (UK) and "The Irish Times" (Rep. Ireland) are already available on the Kindle service, along with other language newspapers.

At $14.99 for a monthly subscription to The Times of (I assume) 20 issues, that seems not a bad deal - as I also assume a monthly subscription of 20 issues of the paper copy would add up to significantly more than that for a US resident.

More than a massive market for UK newspapers, I see this as good preparation work for making them available if the Kindle (and it's delivery service) ever comes to the UK.

That would make the daily newspaper read on a crowded London Tube wagon just a little bit easier. That's been improved with the "Broadsheet" (high-brow) papers moving to a "Tabloid" size (or having both sizes) but will improve with the kindle. The broad viewing angle of ePaper means fellow passengers will still be able to read your ePaper over your shoulder.

Will you be able to do the crossword or sudoku though?

Russian spies will now have to say "Meet me at King's Cross station at 12PM, I'll be wearing a red rose in my lapel and carrying a Kindle under my arm"

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