November 11, 2008

The Sony diet: eat your OLEDs and loose weight

Original Post from April 17th 2008.

It seems Sony is still the only company really pushing OLED in larger sizes commercially, with their "XEL-1" TV product that I've covered previously.

But here are some enticing photos of very thin Sony OLED displays from the Display show in Japan:
(Ignore the machine translated English from Japan as it won't tell you much except dimensions).

Front-view of 11" OLED, nice dark blacks that make the bezel harder to see.
Link to full-size image.

Side image of the same, showing off-it's 0.3mm thin-ness.
Link to full-size image, and a 180degree view where it virtually disappears.

They also showed a 3.5" diagonal display, only 0.2mm thick:
Link to full-size image.

and it's side view:
Link to full-size image.

I'm looking forward for availability to go up, prices to come down and to see these types of displays in personal devices sometime.

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