November 11, 2008

Hanlin V9 eBook - early review and photos

Original Post from January 21st 2008.

This eReader device from Hanlin is expected to be available later this year, but here is some early hand-on photos and comments from the MobileRead blog.

Hanlin V9 (with 9.7" diagonal eInk display) beside Sony PRS-505 (with 6" diagonal eInk display).

The full post can be found here, with additional (amateur) photos.
Some highlights include:-

  • larger 9.7" diagonal eInk display that is in samples and development kits, but not yet in volume manufacture apparently. Note this is NOT A4 size as stated in blog post, I think he means it's just better at displaying A4-sized documents, which is undoubtedly true.
  • WiFi (putting it on a par with iRex Illiad)
  • CDMA/EVDO data connection (optional on iRex via CF Card, part of Amazon Kindle)
  • stylus input and handwriting recognition (probably on the PC, not specified) (like iRex Illiad)
  • addition of various open file formats such as Epub and PPT (not so open!)

I expect to see a whole bunch of new eReader devices this year using this new eInk display size that definitely improves readability of office sized (A, A4) documents, although at the cost of portability.


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