November 11, 2008

Wikipedia to go

Original Post from May 23rd 2008.

An enterprising hacker (explained on his blog here) has taken advantage of the iRex Illiad eReader's open source underpinnings and Wikipedia's "open source" (crowd sourced?) content to give you all of Wikipedia on a 4GByte Flash card for consulting on the go!

The story was picked up by MobileRead forums (here) and Slashdot (here) with the usual half-brained responses (that are increasingly annoying me, am I the only one?)

If you have an Illiad you can do it yourself, but it's not for the faint of heart. But the fact it can be done at all is interesting and potentially very useful. Would be even more so if someone cleaned it up, "industrialized it" and make it a sync process that would allow you to get updated versions over time.

The bigger question for companies like HP is, with all this possible and happening, where will there be money in the eReader/eBook business. (Don't worry, people are working on answering that question! :-) but your opinions and ideas are welcome.)

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