November 11, 2008

Cybook eReader update

Original Post from May 15th 2008.

On the Mobile Read forums (here) there is an explanation of the update to the Cybook (from Bookeen) to bring it to generation 3 already.

There is a firmware update (also applicable to the existing, Gen 2, device) and a product design refresh although with only small changes it seems.

  • More internal memory: the Cybook internal memory reaches 512MB now (480MB is available for storage)
  • A new firmware: Firmware 1.1 offers more stability, a longer battery lifetime and a more reactive button interface (the upgrade is also available for the original Gen3)
  • A revised housing: the navigation button offers a soft hand feeling with a tactile feedback

Prices remain the same (Standard $350, Deluxe $450).

The Future of Things blog has a more extensive, hands-on, review here.

Their website claims "the Cybook becomes the thinnest, lightest device with the largest storage capacity on the market.", which maybe true - but it must be a close run think with all those look-alikes to this basic design appearing....more of them to come in subsequent posts.

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