November 11, 2008

The importance of washing your computer

Original Post from April 3rd 2008.

I came across the MedTab medical tablet product that uses an E-Ink display recently.

It's from a Boston company called EmanoTec focused on the medical product area, it has an impressive list of features among them the fact that it's completely washable and "dis-infectable" (which maybe includes UV dis-infection?). On their web page they explain the importance of disinfecting your computer (at least in a medical environment where germs and viruses maybe lurking in your keyboard!).
- Washable
- Drop Resistant
- 1024X768 Display
- 12 Hour Battery Life
- Weighs 12 Ounces
- Fits a lab coat pocket
- 802.11G WIFI & Bluetooth (plus a bunch of other optional devices)

Full product detail and a PDF spec-sheet can be found at their MedTab product page and they also provide a development platform (Software and Hardware) to develop the required custom applications for your environment/organization.

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