November 11, 2008

LiquaVista at last launches something

Original Post from October 20th 2008.

LiquaVista (yet another Philips display business spin-out, based in Holland) have one of the more promising technologies for bright, full-color, fast, low-power, reflective displays: ElectroWetting.

They seem to be making surprisingly slow progress with commercial versions of their technology, but last week they announced something at least.

You can find it discussed on Engadget.

The interesting contribution short-term from them in my opinion is the fact they can do these bright (remember, reflective!) displays in almost any color, which allows for you to coordinate your display and product colors and take steps to merging the display into the product in more subtle ways, either by blurring the boundary of what is display and what is product, or using displays to change product appearance as opposed to just displaying information to be read - "aesthetic displays" I guess.

I can only echo Engadget's sentiment: "Get Crackin'" LiquaVista!!! and start delivering those "flexible, full colour, video displays" you talk about in your press release:

Their kinda-quirky web has some interesting images, info and even tools to allow you to design your own display - if you can navigate it....

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