November 10, 2008

Older Toshiba/Panasonic eBooks in Japan

Original Post from December 19th 2007.

It seems these eReader models have been on-sale in Japan for quite some time, (since 2005), but I had never come across them until now.

They seem to be two versions of the same product, one from Toshiba called the DCT-100 ($270), the other from Panasonic ($413) called the Sigma Book. That seems a large price difference on the same retail web for two versions of the same product.
The Panasonic one state
"The future of books is here now! This electronic book reader from Panasonic has outstanding 1024×768 resolution on two 7.2 inch screens. Read the screen easily - even in bright sunlight with the digital paper it uses. Includes FREE case, USB 2.0 reader writer, and CDs. Japanese controls and instructions only at this point. Contact us if you are interested to supply English conversion instructions. Uses a Linux OS."

They are both based on KentDisplays Cholesteric-LCD display technology, and the only commercial products I am aware of that have gone down my preferred "two display - like a book" route.

I doubt they have been, or will be, much of a commercial success, but interesting all the same to see that approach with two displays, use of Kent technology, and the focus on Manga by the Panasonic one.

Any Japanese readers seen either of these products in action?

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