November 11, 2008

Digital Memo Taker

Original Post from October 21st 2008.

The product shown below (from this translated version of their web site) reminds me of some of the eBook concepts I was throwing around a year or so ago, when I was discussing the idea of an "eBook reader" being the display part of a disaggregated computer, but one where the "display" would have useful functionality when on it's own...

I discussed using one of the foldable keyboards on the market, and simply "docking" an eBook reader type device into it, to produce something not dissimilar to that shown in the image above. Although I wanted a dual-A-page eBook that folded out to A4 size.

This product will no doubt be the butt of "yet another device" criticisms as eBooks are, and hence I suspect only of interest for some very special applications.

This particular one has an LCD screen, but if all it does is take notes then I could see it with en E-Ink display and even lighter/thinner and with longer battery life, beyond he 20 hours stated here. With a bistable display, you can imaging a device that "sleeps" between keystrokes...

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