November 11, 2008

e-squire - I had to use that name….

Original Post from September 8th 2008.

Yes, here is an update on the E-Ink edition of this month's Esquire magazine, courtesy of Engadet's article (here). Oh, includes video so you can see it working.

This has E-Ink active areas on the front and back covers of 100,000 units of this month's edition. These are areas of the magazine which employ a direct drive (i.e. no transistors or active matrix) segmented (i.e. not pixelated) display to provide different levels of black/white-ness of background for a printed overlay.

It sequences through a programmed set of levels of greyness for each of the E-Ink sgments and hence reflects back different levels of ambient light - making the printed areas more or less bright/visible.

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