November 11, 2008

iRex business eReader arrives as expected

Original Post from September 23rd 2008.

On-time (OK, a little late in the day here in Europe) on Monday iRex announced their new business focused eReading devices.

Engadget (here) took it all with a big yawn and expectation for the "n+1" device (i.e. the grass is always greener in the future) that is currently the Plastic Logic device I covered in previous posts, expected for middle of 2009.

So, what did iRex announce?
A 10.2-inch, Lithium Ion battery-powered, black and white e-ink device, with an improved (it seems from here) industrial design, targeting business users.

Three models will exist:-

  • $649 for the Digital Reader 1000 basic model
  • $749 if you want a stylus thrown in
  • $849 on the 1000S with WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G data connectivity(available later, not now)

You can find the iRex product page here, where they extoll it's green-ness with:

Print Paperless

paperlessPrint all your digital documents, like Microsoft Office

documents, e-mails, Adobe ® PDF documents and Internet pages directly into a readable format on the iRex Digital Reader.

Easy on the Environment

leafThe iRex Digital Reader finally offers a way for companies and individuals to cut out the billions of pages of printed paper they produce each year, making a powerful contribution to the environment.If any IPG readers would like to explore working with iRex on print-related, "driver for paper and e-paper" type deals then I can introduce you- I know they are interested.

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