November 11, 2008

More Network operators get into eBooks

Original Post from July 9th 2008.

Well, it's no real surprise to me, but at last it seems to be happening - eBook readers generally are going mobile.

I've mentioned recently rumors of Sony PRS reader going "wireless" (details TBD) to "keep up with the Kindles".

PolymerVision have announced (again!) the impending release of the READIUS which is a 3G network connected eReader to be sold by the Mobile operators. NOTE: It also has a DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting, Handhelds profile) option so it could receive "broadcast" news, files, won't be watching mobile TV on that eInk display.

and now there's this news of a mobile eReader pilot (MobileRead forum post here) by French operator SFR, with 6 French newspapers.

Untethering the eReader from the PC, and making it able to receive news, information (or buy books on a whim) "anytime/anywhere" can only help make it a bit more attractive of a proposition.

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