November 11, 2008

eReader News Round-up

Original Post from October 22nd 2008.

I've gleaned a smattering of smaller news items from various eBook related blogs and web-sites and thought I'd pass them on in a big 'blob', enjoy.

BBC News Videos

Turns out the BBC News on their web have a collection of (linked) videos covering e-paper displays, e-books and e-newspapers. "Popular Science" level of detail and journalism, but still OK if you're interested in this aera. In fact, it maybe a good thing, a sign that ebooks and epaper are creeping into the popular conscience.

The recent videos seem to focus more on the upcoming Plastic Logic device. Plastic Logic is a UK-based company that grew out of Cambridge University research (although they have built their factory in Dresden, Germany). Thus, this is probably a result of the PL PR machine getting into gear and UK-centric reporting by the BBC.

Here's the list:-

The revolution of paperless paper (a look at e-paper newspaper reading technology, mainly around Plastic Logic display).
'E-paper' produced in Germany (short spot on Plastic Logic's factory for e-paper in Dresden).
How the 'paperless paper' works
(demonstration on discussion around Plastic Logic display technology and upcoming device).
E-books put to the test (they take eBookt to "experts" on books at the British Library, but a very lightweight review).
End of the book? (a "on the road" test of Sony PRS eBook in real-world situations).

Inghram and Penguin
These two heavyweights "e-ink a deal" (:-) ) about digital distribution of e-books.
Covered here on TeleRead forums.

iRex takes Illiad code open source
Covered here on MobileRead forums among other places. This has now gone beyond rumour and been confirmed by iRex. At the same time Google OpenSources Android. Are the days of closed source, even for things that appear "core", over?

iRex DR1000S Reader starts getting reviewed
Here is one such review, showing the new reader side-by-side with the Illiad.
The new one is MUCH bigger.

Carbon Nanotube Electrophoretic Display From Samsung
Some confusing news here in MobileRead forums about a new CNT technology for EPD displays.

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