November 11, 2008

iRex adds one newspaper to Illiad providers

Original Post from March 7th 2008.

Well, it's been a long, hard road doing business development with newspaper publishers for a small start-up like iRex (and it will continue to be).

Thursday March 6th they announced one small win in the Dutch market:

"We are pleased to inform you that on 6 March 2008 NRC Handelsblad announced the introduction of its electronic paper edition on the iRex iLiad for the Dutch market.

With an ePaper subscription on NRC Handelsblad, the reader will always be the first to receive their newspaper. During weekdays, the newspaper will be available from 15:00 onward and on Saturdays starting from 7:00. The newspaper can be downloaded within seconds using a WiFi connection and is immediately available for extended reading; where and when the subscriber chooses."

At the moment iRex do not offer in Europe a mobile data network connection to the Illiad, so you either have to get it via the dock and an ethernet connection of via a Wi-Fi access point, which downloads to the device from their iDS delivery service.

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