November 11, 2008

Two new eReaders

Original Post from August 22nd 2008.

I'm starting to loose count of available eReaders, and which ones I've already mentioned here.... but just to be on the safe side here are two that I have come across recently in external posts:-

Engadget - Astak Mentor e-book reader comes in at under $200

Comes in three sizes and Engadget says "A sub-$200 price tag for the 5-inch version, touchscreens, Bluetooth, and WiFi. "- that sounds good.
(original Crave post)

BeBook - company web site

Check it out on their web-site,with photo, videos etc.
One video is of a UK TV program that looks at three eReaders available in the UK: the BeBook, iRex Illiad and the Sony PRS.

As with cheapo MP3 players, it's becoming "easy" for someone to do a piece of hardware like this, but the winners will win based on Interaction, Book discovery and delivery services and what Content they have available to you that you would like to have.

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