November 11, 2008

Steve Jobs is fake?

Original Post from February 1st 2008.

You may have heard about Steve Jobs' recent quotes about the end of reading, or read my previous blog entry entitled "Steve Jobs - the end of reading; Kindle non-event" on the subject.

The BBC reports on a recent Nielsen Online study about book purchases over the internet. It's true that this is only a small percentage of overall book sales (although growing) but the findings are interesting and positive in many ways.

The main points are:

  • More books are sold on the internet than any other product (e.g. more than CDs, DVDs, cloths, electronics, etc!)
  • The number is increasing (you could probably say this of internet purchases of a LOT of types of products)
  • 41% of internet users had bought books online (that seems a lot!)

This is probably a good news for Amazon.

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