November 9, 2008

ECHO Echo echo….. EBOOK EBook eBook ebook…..

Original Post from September 18th 2007.

iRex Technologies, the maker of the iRex Illiad electronic reading device, announced some time ago that they would be making a French Newspaper called "Les Echo" available for electronic reading on their Illiad device and that it would be delivered to users over their iDS electronic delivery service (via Wired LAN or Wi-Fi connections from the device, without the need for a PC)

After a delay, due apparently to a hostile take-over of the newspaper, it has finally made it and been reported in this Engadget article which also links to a YouTube video of it in use.

I have heard that the electronic edition on iDS is updated hourly. You can manually force an update of it when you desire, or used the scheduled update mechanism of the Illiad to have it get updates for you automatically.

iRex are working on making many more newspapers available and that by the end of the year we should see many more.

I'll track that here, and if you hear anything be sure to let me know.

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