November 11, 2008

New iRex eReaders due Monday

Original Post from September 19th 2008.

iRex has announced that they will be releasing new eReader devices this coming Monday (September 22nd), and rumors abound about what they will be.

Forbes (in this article) seem confident that they know what's coming, and it includes:-

  • larger 10.2" diagonal e-Ink screen
  • PDF/Word/HTML document viewing for a focus on business users
  • Models with stylus and touch input (I'll hold my breath on touchscreen, but as they already have stylus input on existing iRex that seems very probable).
  • Longer battery life (upto 80 hours)
  • There's talk of a cellular network connectivity option for on-the-move download.

They include a quote from E-Ink CEO stating that we will have to "wait until 2009 for color E-ink and as late as 2012 for video". That would match what we saw and heard from them on a visit to E-Ink earlier this year.

Last, but not least, in this other Forbes article they hail E-Ink as the possible saviour of the publishing industry (!), but it doesn't have a lot of new content if you've been watching this space.

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