November 11, 2008

OLPC XO as an eBook reader

Original Post from January 22nd 2008.

Since learning about it I've been intrigued to see how the OLPC's innovative dual-mode (color-emissive/high-res-mono-reflective) display would do for eBook reading.
This Teleread blog entry describes the findings of a couple of people who have tried it.
Overall they seem positive, but focus more on the software and (lack of) processor power than on the display itself.

The display has two modes. It is a more-or-less ordinary color, emissive LCD indoors (or in reduced lighting), but can be switched to a higher resolution, monochrome, reflective mode for outdoor or bight conditions (required for many of the rural conditions in the countries it's targeted at). Combined with the "fold flat" design of the chassis, it can be "kind of eBookish" if desired.

I have an OLPC on order thru the US "Give one, get one" program so I can evaluate the display technology. When I get my hands on it I'll be sure to post my findings here.

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