November 11, 2008

READIUS update

Original Post from January 21st 2008.

This Yahoo post gives us a brief update on the much awaited flexible eInk display based cell-phone/eReader from PolymerVision and TIM (Telefonica Italia Mobiles).

But to be honest, I can't see what has caused the update as it doesn't really announce anything, except a passing mention of expected timing: "when it hits stores mid-2008.". That's overdue.

It was announced at 3GSM in Barcelona February 2006, for availability at the end of 2007, then the very end of 2007 "December", and now we're into 2008.... and this isn't exactly a highly committed specific date direct from the don't hold your breath.

I'd expect an update from PV/TIM again at this years GSM Mobile conference again in Barcelona in February. I'll try and be there to see how they explain away this past year.....

All said and done, I'm dying to get my hands on one and see if the long extolled virtues of flexible displays really are appreciable in a small device with a big display...

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