November 11, 2008

Sony PRS eReader with wireless connectivity is being developed

Original Post from July 4th 2008.

Gizmodo reports in this post titled Sony Goal: 90% of ALL Our Products Networked By 2010 that Sony are developing a wireless version of the Sony eReader.

The article is extremely scant on details and it's just a fleeting mention, but is good news. Being able to get content onto the Sony eReader directly from the net, without using a PC to download and then transfer using USB or Memory Card/Stick would be a great improvement.

I still prefer the external size and form factor of the Sony PRS over others such as iRex, but it lacks wireless (versus Kindle). Other improvements I request for the Sony include a larger screen inside the same external form factor (or two!), removal of glass (i.e. a plastic display for robustness) and digitizer/stylus input like the iRex....

It's difficult to tell, but I think that would encourage me to take it with me more often, as I'd know I'd be able to get the content I want, when I want it, where I happen to be, without having to think about also needing a PC, USB cable, PC power adapter, etc etc.

It remains to be seen what type of wireless connectivity they will add, options include:

  • Bluetooth: use your mobile/cell phone, PC or other to get content onto it?
  • Wi-fi: good for home, but problematic at work with VPNs, and less useful out-and-about due to need to login to and potentially pay for hot-spot access
  • Mobile/Cell phone: best overall, especially if wrapped up as part of content purchase like Kindle? Although if wrapped like that then it will probably be a "walled-garden" of their content.
  • WiMax: still not really rolled out widely.
  • other? Screen doesn't suit video or DVB-H could be interesting.

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