November 9, 2008

New Sony eBook (PRS 505) Announced

Original Post from October 2nd 2007.

The waited announcement for a minor update to Sony eReader is out, which you can see among other places here. It will be available October 2007 as speculated, related to the Borders announcement.

This article states improvements as:

"Improvements to the reader include nearly twice the storage space, a battery that will last around 7,500 page views, new controls that are redesigned to mimic page-turning and allow quicker navigation, and a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port allowing the transfer of data from a PC. The new Reader also includes slots for Memory Stick Duo and SD memory cards to increase storage capacity."

although many of those features were in the previous version.

plus "An auto-sync feature with the new edition allows users to create a folder for books and documents on their computer with which they can automatically synchronise the Reader."

No mention of VizPlex eInk display being used.....yet.

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