November 10, 2008

iRex on iRex

Original Post from November 14th 2007.

This entry in the iRex company blog explains their display driving work and how they see it as differentiating themselves from the competition.

This is their key contribution in driving (at the moment) E-Ink displays, and grew out of the work at Philips that produced the iRex spin-off.

I find it interesting that they feel the need to explain this. Maybe newer products (such as Sony's) that are now shipping with improved VizPlex displays have closed the gap somewhat on iRex, and they feel they need to position themselves out in front?

I'm a little surprised they claim they are so behind on E-Ink VizPlex as they state (others with products shipping and them only looking at it and analyzing), and I doubt it. I'd be surprised if they don't ship a VizPlex device soon. Although with limited resources they may have decided to skip that and will go directly for a flexible/folding backplane version of the Illiad with VizPlex during 2008.

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