November 10, 2008

iMod display news

Original Post from November 7th 2007.

Here you can find an article by the MIT Technology Review on the iMod display technology from Qualcomm (well, they acquired it).

This is a technology I've had on my radar for some time, although Ithink that it has problems in terms of scalability in size, and so might resist calling it "ePaper" as the article does. The fact it's a reflective, bi-stable, display is what leads them to talk about it in terms of "ePaper".

But it does look like an interesting technology for smaller displays that want to be thin, reflective, and display high-color video-rate content.

For content that doesn't change so often as video, the bi-stability of the display should be able to be used to consume very low to zero power.

I find it "intriguing" that they go to the Opalux guys in Toronto for an opinion on the display, although that maybe just them reusing content from a recent article of their's on Opalux that I covered in a d previous blog entry. Although they do then quote other people in related ePaper companies.

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