November 9, 2008

A glimpse at the future directions of eInk from their CEO

Original Post from october 9th 2007.

This post is a short interview with the CEO of eInk, who describes where they plan to go in the future.

Not too many surprises, the list being:
BIGGER: "Next year you'll also see bigger sizes, like eight-inch and 10-inch screen sizes, and by 2009 you'll see 11- and 12-inch screen sizes. As they get bigger and bigger, they get to be a more and more appropriate way for magazine publishers to publish. The order for us is books, newspapers, magazines. Once we get beautiful color and images, we'll go into the magazine world."

FLEXIBLE: "The introduction of flexible display. You'll see the beginnings of it at the end of next year and more in 2009. The flex trend—and there are probably half a dozen manufacturers getting products ready for the end of '08, beginning of '09—that will hasten the practical usability of large-screen e-paper."

COLOR: "By the middle of '09, color should really be good. So by middle of '09 you'll have color, larger and more flexible displays. That will be a big accelerator for magazines to turn to e paper."

The biggest challenge? "No one knows who will control the data." - a key question for who will extract the most value from this market if it ever gets big!

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