November 9, 2008

The future of electronic paper (article)

Original Post from October 18th 2007.

I think this The Future Of Things article is a better than average article on ePaper, it's history, present and future. They seem to have actually done some research which is better than many articles I see.

It repasses it's origins in Xerox Parc, it's present state and applications and how they think it will evolve in the future.

HP is mentioned a few times although they are referring to research prototypes shown by HP, not products.

It mentions Cholesteric LCD (ChLCD) work by IBM and Philips that I am unaware of so far, but will investigate, and Siemens work that I kind of had on my list - but haven't looked into yet.

They extend a prediction of which technology they think will win through and interestingly it's ChLCD!

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