November 10, 2008

Apple iPhone with Zinio Mobile Newstand for eReading Magazines

Original Post from November 20th 2007.

Being a Zinio subscriber I got this in my e-mail today. My prediction that the NY Times would be the first mass media for reading on the iPhone hasn't quite been true, it seems Zinio the on-line Magazine firm is in Beta of it's Mobile reader on the iPhone.

I say "reader", but from the screen shots it seems to be all browser (Safari) based and not a local client, creating doubts for me how usable this will be to download (high resolution color magazine content at EDGE speeds) and read (need to always be connected?).

You can see a demo and images here on the Zinio web-site. I can't link to the images as it's all Flash-based.
I quote:-
- "Browse Zinio's top-selling titles, free on your iPhone & iPod Touch"
- Read super high resolution content, with iPhone & iPod Touch friendly controls and features
- Share your favorite pages with friends through iPhone mail

I suspect they saw the Amazon Kindle news coming and decided to react with this announcement, although it's "Zinio LABS", and not yet available as a product.

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