November 10, 2008

X-mas sales and Kindle's

Original Post from December 14th 2007.

If you've been wondering why I've been so quiet and not saying much about the Kindle except the initial post, then it's really because the Kindle has to some extent become a phenomena of the mass (tech) media and was already getting enough coverage already without me chipping in.

I expect most of you will have seen one or more articles on it, without my help, unlike some of the more obscure products and technologies I've been covering here.

Thinking of your X-mas shopping? Well it seems quite a few have, and of them quite a few of the Kindle.

You will probably know it sold out almost immediately. But since they didn't tell us how many they had in stock that didn't mean much.

Now this report comes out that puts the Kindle at #2 on the's website of most sold goods so far in December, just behind the iPod Nano. I won't put in doubt Amazon's ethics and honesty and so will assume that the obvious conflict of interest hasn't influenced the numbers or their reporting of it.

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