November 9, 2008

Volantis BuzzCast

Original Post from September 28th 2007.

Here's what I've learned about BuzzCast from Volantis, from their web site.

"BuzzCast accelerates information access for mobile devices, enabling greater context, immediacy, and personalization to drive broader mobile data usage."

"BuzzCast pushes compelling information to any device, regardless of network or device type, personalized according to the unique preferences of each subscriber. BuzzCast ensures that mobile data is easy to access and visually appealing: favorite news, entertainment and other information is provided to the subscriber, personalizing the device according to their unique preferences. "

So, they take news feeds in, organize them into channels that you can subscribe to, format content in the feeds appropriately for your mobile device, transfer that content into the mobile operators' servers. They then "push" (OK, device pulls it, but without you having to ask it to) the content to your phone, you can view it when you want, even if off-line or without coverage with a "rich media" display of the information.

They have a customer story with Financial Times ( You can download the PDF here:

"BuzzCast provides for the creation of subscriber UIs in a range of technologies to suit any carrier's device strategy including support for Ajax, RSS Client, Flash, J2ME and native Symbian."

That enables them to reach a lot of compatible handsets, including all those Flash enabled ones I mentioned in my earlier post on FlashCast from Adobe.

I'm not sure how the RSS feeds get "sexed-up" to be nice Rich Media displays, or how that is "authored". I guess it must be via the "Partner Web Pages" where they describe that transcoding and provide graphics, design etc.

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