November 10, 2008

Take all your music with you! (to play not just to listen to!)

Original Post from December 18th, 2007.

It seems this music reading device (MusicPad Pro) from Freehand systems has been out for quite some time, but I'd never heard of it.

Specs include:

MusicPad Pro Plus
Size: 13.3" x 9.9" x 1.8" (just over 4 lbs.)
Easy-to-read, low glare, touch screen
12.1" TFT LCD back-lit, color display eliminates need for external music stand lighting
Resolution: 1024 x 768
64MB Flash memory, 128MB RAM
64MB Flash memory module
Video out
Audio out
AC power and rechargeable battery
2 USB ports (1 host, 1 device)
Built-in jack for foot pedal
Store your entire music library
Download over 98,000 digital music scores already formatted for the MusicPad Pro Plus from
Scan your music library into a computer and then convert
Fully annotative with zoom in and zoom out feature while writing
Add or erase rehearsal marks and notations
Easy-to-read personal on screen color notes
Extensive library of notation symbols
Text annotation via a virtual keyboard
Half-page turn option for look-ahead viewing in portrait mode
Two-page display in landscape mode
Remote easy page turning

Here at Freehand Systems' web you can find more info, videos of musicians and composers using it, etc. Costs $900 though! :-(

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