November 9, 2008

Signs of new Sony (PRS 505) eReader coming

Original Post from September 15th 2007.

Their seems to be some leaks emerging via ABT Electronics (original PRS sales page) in US of up-coming availability of a new Sony eReader, although the original pages seem to have been pulled-down since the MobileRead forum posting appeared. I didn't spend a lot of time but couldn't find the original posting referred to or the original poster.

  • Silver (I notice they have made a number of brightly colored covers available)
  • Buttons re-arranged
    • they have aligned the numbered buttons vertically with the text that appears on screen! - see my original review of it and that issue here.
    • page flip buttons moved to right, but not on both sides...
    • presumably uses the new, improved, VizPlez eInk display
  • Double the on-board memory, leading to an increase from 80 to 160 books
and much of the rest seems the same

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