November 9, 2008

LuLu - self-publish en eBook

Original Post from October 9th 2007.

This MobileRead forum article on LuLu caught my eye as I'm in the processing of self-publishing a small book of Memoirs I convinced my mother to write (I'll post on that experience when I do it and get printed copies!). It states:

"Do-it-yourself publisher has introduced an ebook optimisation service. With the new service, users can optimise their digital works for the Apple iPhone and the Sony Reader. Lulu's eBook Optimization reformats existing PDF files for viewing on an iPhone or Sony Reader for USD 25 per project. Lulu is an online service allows users to publish and sell their works in print-on-demand or digital format, with over 31 million registered users, 300,000 recently published titles and more than 4,000 new titles added each week, the company says."

So, now it's one step easier to self-publish en eBook. LuLu have a digital book content delivery and purchase supply chain.

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