November 9, 2008

Jinke eReader due in December with 10inch screen

Original Post from September 20th 2007.

The Teleread blog reports here that Jinke plans to release the Hanlin eReader V9, an E Ink machine with a 10-inch display, later this year (December).

There seems to be doubt over if it's eInk VizPlex or not.

The 10" size surprises me. More based on what is available in displays than what is desired.

Such a size would make a lot of sense for business (A/A4) documents which are difficult/time-consuming to reformat for another "page" size, and when scaled for a smaller than 8"x11" size become difficult to read on iRex Illiad (8" diagonal display), especially if with color or graphic content, and almost impossible to read on Sony eReader (6" diagonal).

This business-use focus would seem to be supported by menu entries in the above image for "Minutes", "My Document" and "Mail" as well as direct support of the .doc format (viewing I assume).
Apart from the full-blown OpenOffice package, does anyone know a source for a good small-footprint open source implementation (preferably supporting Linux) for MS Word .doc format viewing? Comments please.

Note that this is still 4-gray levels like the Sony eReader, and not 16-gray levels like the iRex. The limitation being in the display driver ASIC for the E Ink display.

They claim a months reading at 300 pages a day on a single charge (say 20 working days = 6000 pages) which is excellent and shows they have done their homework like Sony (claim 8000 pages, but smaller pages) and much better than iRex that has only 15hours in latest (2nd) revision of their product.

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