November 9, 2008

E Ink news

Original Post on October 31st 2007.

A bunch of eInk related news can be found at this post due to the "FPD International 2007" trade-show/conference (FPD = Flat Panel Display)

Front-lit eBook displays.
Aha! They conquer the bedroom I hear you say!
The bathroom is taken care of...I wonder if the new VizPlex E Ink will solve my problems with the beach?
If you have no idea what I'm talking about then I'm going to re-post " eInk and SONY eBook reader struggles with the "3 B's" test" after this post.

I thought the eInk digital watch was an old, and out of date idea, but I'm kind of warming to it.... combine it with the Microsoft SPOT technology and you might have something there...I'm still intrigued by the possibilities of that real-estate on my arm...

And lastly, our friends at PVI get in on the action with a flexible eInk display prototype.

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