November 9, 2008

Amazon Kindling the eBook fire?

Original Post from September 17th 2007.

Rumors are increasing about the impending entry into eBook market of Amazon.

TechCrunch reports on the impending introduction of the Amazon Kindle eBook (as well as touching on Google activity).

From other sources I have heard that the Amazon device is coming soon, although 6 months late due to design issues (battery life among others) and project delays.

If it looks anything like the early FCC submission photos that leaked then we are going to hate it.
The keyboard and overall design just don't convince me at all. But who knows, they could have changed all that and surprise us.

I think time is running out for them to intro and hit the holiday season this Christmas, so if it's coming it maybe soon.

I'll update you (as news arrives) on other introductions and refreshs of existing products rumored to be on the way (minor enhancements to iRex Illiad and a new Sony eReader).... watch this space and send me anything you learn of!

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