November 7, 2008

Intel. on Intel

Original Post from May 2007
Here are intelligence reports on a couple of things related to Intel.

First, a Patent Application from Intel highlighted on Engadget and Ars Technica among other places: Seems Intel have done some work on flexible reflective displays, magnetic in this case.

I wouldn't get carried away by this fact, extrapolating developments, products and imminent new introductions from a Patent filing or grant, like many Apple watchers seem to do.

These "patent watchers" see every patent application as an indication of the imminent introduction of a radical new product. If you have ever worked at a large technology company then you will know that all types of stuff get patents filed on them, with no explicit strategy or intention to productize in the short term (only if!).

Second, Intel have shown a concept of using an eInk (bi-stable, reflective) display on the outside of a laptop. This is highlighted on PC Pro web, which annoyingly forces you to register to view after a while.
This Intel work leverages the feature called "SideShow" that Microsoft put into Windows Vista for ancillary displays on computers running it.
See more on the Intel concept here and others on the same SideShowDevices website.

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