November 7, 2008


Welcome to the Electronic Read blog!

I've been writing a blog on electronic reading and related technologies, devices, formats, content and publishing issues for over a year now on a private blog that was not public.

People tell me it is a useful and comprehensive resource for them for information on eBooks, eReader developments and issues and I steadily built up a readership, although it was limited its private nature.

Due to my engineering training, and over 20 years of work in high tech (printing and electronics) plus recent years watching closely the eBook, digital display and electronic paper space I feel that I do have something to offer, over some of the superficial (or just plain wrong, on a technical level) discussions I see.

Over the coming month I will be transferring the posts from my previous blog here, pretty much verbatim. Thus some of them will be out of date. But I prefer to have the entire picture here, and to be able to refer back to them in new posts. I hope these older posts will not put you off during this first month and that you will keep coming back. I should catch up to present developments pretty quickly.

I will attempt not to rush to post news in an attempt to be the first one on a subject, and in the process perpetuating little more than rumors, or superficial comments and judgments based on scant information. I will attempt to do a serious analysis of technology and developments with my background knowledge and a reasonable amount of information, and in a reasonable amount of time.

If you agree with that approach and it is what you want then please RSS feed my site to keep track and forward the link ( to your friends. I may not be the first out with the news and so I will need a loyal readership for this adventure to make sense.

If you find news that you think should be covered here then please submit it to me in a comment on any post (which I moderate). Clearly mark it as such and I will not post the comment, but investigate your "lead". If you want me to keep in touch, please supply an e-mail. If you want recognition or attribution for these "leads", then please supply me a name to me in the comment.

I'm looking forward to this electronic dialog with you, and your comments.


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