November 8, 2008

Jinke Hanlin eReader

Original Post from July 3rd 2007

Here is some back-issue news on another Asian provider introducing a similar eBook design using eInk. See full details on Jinke website.

They seem to have introduced no fewer than six variations on the product, some seem to have different operating systems and readers - maybe targeted at different media types/customers although it's not obvious to me.

One notable difference in this device is the "Palm Pilot" style handwriting input panel below the screen.
There seems to be one model (V2d) that has two displays on it in book format.
Prices range from $299 to $349 for the products that show it.

Their web is a bit clunky and the icons at the bottom for all the different models all take you to the same page, only showing two models. So follow this link to the Products section that shows more of them, but still not all!

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