November 7, 2008

Not your father's newspaper

original post from May 30th 2007.

This article from the Crosscut newspaper describes how Hearst Corporation plans to publish the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper on "tabloid sized, flexible, color electronic paper".

Given what they discuss I consider it more of a vision than a plan, but it's interesting that they do stick multiple stakes in the ground:-
  • Size, not 6" diagonal, or 8" diagonal but full Tabloid size
  • Flexible (at least the substrate), not a glass display
  • It WILL be color
They also mention "real-time news" which hints at some Radio/Wireless reception mechanism, and about "turning the e-paper's pages by touching the flexible screen", hinting at touch-screen technology.

They sensibly state this goal is two years out!
Feasible? In that timeframe? Who knows?
See my earlier post about LG Philips 14.1 inch plastic substrate color eInk display.

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