November 7, 2008

Science Fiction

Original Post from May 22nd 2007

No, I'm not referring to eBooks as being science fiction!

This article is about Cory Doctorow and how he is publishing science fiction content openly, and how that has helped him project himself further and ultimately make *more* money, not less.

I think we (and many publishers?) can learn something from such more open publishing approaches that build on the social aspects of some types of readership.

I have doubts about the future viability of “controlled content” and the use of DRM (we are seeing important shifts in the digital music industry as we speak). Everything has been cracked and a lot of content is freely available in P2P file sharing networks.

I think that the future may lie in business models that thrive from the sharing and “copying” of digital content between users with similar interests, not from the restriction of it's distribution.

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