November 7, 2008

Display Technology Developments

eInk have announced in a Press Release that they have made available their new eInk formulation that has:-
  • better white reflectivity (i.e. it's whiter)
  • better contrast
  • new sizes
  • faster update
They have chosen to brand the new version "VizPlex" to distinguish it from earlier version.

I can't say I like that name much! Sounds like a new type of cinema or something.
They also released a new display controller to drive these displays, with the associated development kits.

This is a couple of weeks old, but related, so thought I would include it. Press Release.
"LG.Philips LCD Develops World’s First Flexible Color A4-Size E-Paper"
LG seem to be focusing on the larger size eInk displays, which makes you wonder what application they are pursuing.
I think the claim on image quality that "images displayed are comparable in quality to printed pages" is a bit aggressive, as even the monochrome ones are not at the level of print, and these color ones (due to the color filters in front of the eInk display) have a darker white, and less contrast - so are even less comparable. But hey! In English I guess "comparable" doesn't mean "equal to" :-)
It remains to be seen when these "developments" are commercially available, and in which products they will first appear.

Sony flexible OLED Display reported on various news sites such as I4UNews,
This is apparently the world's first full color OLED/organic TFT on a flexible substrate. Sony managed to create a flexible display with a size of 2.5 inches featuring a resolution of 120×RGB×160 pixel. Other specifications of the flexible OLED display include 100 cd/m2 brightness, 1,000:1 contrast ratio and 0.3mm thickness of the panel. Sony is demonstrating this new display achievement at SID (Society for Information Display trade-show) 2007 this week.
Here is the Sony Press Release (in Japanese), or you can take a look at more information on their display technology and it's specification from this machine-translated web.

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