January 18, 2010

Samsung get's into eReader game

There are already a bunch of lesser known, or until recently unknown, companies offering eReaders (plus Sony, as maybe the only major brand in this category to date)......so is it now time for all those well known computer and consumer electronic brands to get in too?

The design novelty is that they have brought in the "slider" design feature from mobile phones to eReaders, as you can see in the photo above.  This is one way to get close to my goal of the device being "all screen", with minimal space dedicated to buttons and controls. It makes the device look pretty sleek when the slider is shut.

There will be two models (a pretty standard now 6-inch model, and a larger 10-inch model), both with touchscreens that will support on-screen drawing and writing with a stylus (presumably a finger also works fine, just not so good for writing or drawing).

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity, but no 3G connection.

$399 for the 6-inch model seems too high compared to existing competitors with the same display, and same or better connectivity.....so I thni they are going to have to drop prices!

The "Reading, writing and sharing" tagline seems to suggest they understand some more of the reading dynamics than others, but I don't have any details on what's behind those words yet.

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