January 18, 2010

eTextBook proposal for (yet to happen) Apple tablet

Well, there's nothing quite like developing software for a vaporware hardware product, either makes the software developer's life VERY hard, or very easy as you can imagine the hardware you want then program for it.

Well, that's what it seems the publisher of electronic TextBooks CourseSmart has been busy doing: Creating eTectBook software for the yet-to-happen or may-never-happen Apple tablet.

If you want to see their imagination sin action, you can - as they have created a video of them for your enjoyment:

I broadly agree with their statements about the need for color, interactive content and the ability to capture handwriting and drawings on a device for education. Those capabilities could open up an opportunity for whole new types of "text books", with video, animations, interactive elements and information from the web.

CourseSmart seems to be a collaborative effort from major text books publishers in the US, including Bedford, Freeman & Worth Publishing Group, Cengage Learning, CQ Press, Elsevier, F.A. Davis & Company, John Wiley & Sons, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, McGraw Hill Higher Education, Nelson Education, Pearson, Sage Publications, Sinauer Associates, Taylor & Francis, Wolters Kluwer Health.

They have had a major focus on the iPhone and iPod touch as platforms for their content, so it seems logical that they target newer Apple devices....but even before they exist?


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