January 17, 2010

PixelQi displays to ship in 2010

From Engadet at http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/08/pixelqi-screens-to-be-used-by-major-manufacturer-in-2010/

I suspect that this "image" would be much more impressive in real-life, as that PixelQi display looks pretty good, but I get the sense the photo doesn't fully do it justice.

Unlike the Mirasol and LiquaVista news (covered in separate posts) we knew PixelQi were busy at work and probably due to hit the market this year - but seeing it confirmed and some samples (see video embedded in the Engadget post) is great news.

Engadget paints it as an E-Ink killer, but I'm not so sure (I might put LiquaVista in that category). I think the devices that we will see first introduced with PixelQi displays will be Laptops and Netbooks that also offer a longer-battery-life, outdoor readable mode suitable for some types of content.

It remains to be seen whether any of the manufacturers of those "PC" devices add any design novelty - such as allowing the device to be fully opened, with the keyboard wrapped around behind into a "book format", or such like.

The video is not too relevant in my mind, but even so - the reflective (backlight off) mode is not really intended for viewing movies, as the display becomes almost monochrome.

If we want a long battery life color reflective video viewing device, then we might have to wait until something like Mirasol hits the streets.

By-The-Way "Qi" is pronounced "chee" (an English rendition) and (as stated by this Wikipedia article) "is an active principle forming part of any living thing".

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