January 18, 2010

Bookeen debuts Orizon touchscreen e-book reader

Bookeen comes in with their newer device. It has a sleek, few buttons, overall design although with a reasonable percentage of the frontal area NOT dedicated to the display.

From their previous models it adds the touchscreen. Sony really pioneered touchscreens for eReaders and brought them mainstream, and now many others are following. I'd be surprised if the next version of the Kindle doesn't ditch the hard keyboard in favor of a touchscreen and on-screen keyboard.

Apart from the pretty normal specs on this product otherwise, they have added an accelerometer for automatic switching from portrait to landscape orientation.

If it does come in at $250 for the touchscreen edition, then it's welcome competition.

On another point about formats. ePub supports seems to be rapidly gaining ground, either via firmware updates to existing devices, or as a standard feature on newly introduced devices.

So, it seems we will eventually get that much desired standard format for eBooks that most manufacturers support. Kindle currently stands out from the crown as a major provider that doesn't support it. Is it a coincidence that it's from a content reselling company, that also owns MobiPocket?

If you can get ALL the content you want on your Kindle, that's probably not so much of an issue. But if you can't, then it might have you looking elsewhere for a more open device.

Also, how long before Government bodies working to stimulate competition in the market take Amazon to task for their "closed bundle" the way they have done with Apple and the iPhone in some countries?

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