January 10, 2010

Notion Ink Adam (prototype) Tablet / eReader

From Engadget coverage at:

Design features a rounded left-edge to the device, reminiscent of the spine of a hard-bound book. But unlike a book it kind of wraps around, giving you a grip so that it can be comfortably and securely held, while you use the other hand to interact with it.

One of the first devices showing use of future PixelQi displays (see a later post on PixelQi news) that should give it full-color and interactivity when used with the LCD's backlight on, and excellent (reduced color or grayscale) readability and resolution in reflective (backlight off) mode - including outdoors. See Engadget video for an idea of that.
Glossy screen is not a good choice in my opinion, but I seem to be in a minority in hating glossy displays.
Check out the reflections in the video if you want to know what I mean! You could shave in that.
Engadget positively gushes about it in their second "In-depth" post, and they are usually a pretty tough audience.

The dual-nature of the display hints at the dual nature of this device, and (I think) other future devices to emerge as a result of the convergence of Tablet (computing devices) with PMP/eReader (media consumption devices).

Lower-power CPU running Android, Tegra low-power-but-good-performance graphics chip and the PixelQi display all should add up to good graphics performance with good battery life also. I won't repeat Engadgets speculation about batter life but wait for some specs offered from the manufacturer, but suffice to say that with that focus on battery life and what seems good component choices they should have a good story to tell in that area.
Capacitive touchscreen plus a touchpad on the back for controlling the device without obstructing content.
Seven to 8 seconds boot-up time is welcome. Not as good as my benchmark 0.5sec "wake-up" time every time I turn on my Sony PRS eReader to read, but not bad.

Multi-touch will (apparently) be in the final product but they claim it's disabled in the proto due to "issues". They also seem to have enabled gesture input for starting applications etc. Seems similar to work done by ex-colleagues of mine at HP Labs in India (which is open sourced by the way here).

Availability and Pricing
It seems it will be available in the second half of 2010, with final pricing to be given at the Mobile World Congress here in Barcelona in February.

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